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October 11th, 2010

Now I remember...

...why I hate livejournal so much. It's about as user-friendly and feature-rich as a a dead chipmunk. I kept wondering why no one had commented on my posts until I realized it was because I hadn't approved the comments yet. Of course, unless I had randomly chosen to click where it said I had zero comments I never would have known about them because it's not like it actually tells me they were there or anything. Then it took me about 15 minutes of hunting before I actually found the option tree that let me change it so I don't have to approve comments. I mean, seriously, facebook may be invading our privacy and publishing our intimate secrets, but at least it does it without bugging the shit out of me :P

Anyway, rant over. For now.

School is kicking my ass. I'm two weeks behind on my blog postings for class and a week behind on my readings. Lord knows I can bullshit my way through it, but it's really really hard for me to focus on this class for some reason this semester. I think maybe the fact that I only have less than a year left has something to do with it. Senioritis is starting to set in hardcore. I can feel my dedication and resolve to finish school slipping away a little bit each semester. Someone please tell me that I'm gonna make it to see the end of this :(

So yeah, kind of a downer day, but I got to have lunch with Josh, which was fun and now I'm listening to random music on my iPhone, so hopefully it'll get better :)

October 9th, 2010

Happy Birthday to me


After six glasses of wine and a nice dinner, I'm feeling pretty good right now. My parents came in to town for my birthday weekend and we went to weinerfest (the local annual dachshund festival) this morning with Zari, Shelby and Heather. It was lots of fun and the dachshunds had a blast. Unfortunately I forgot any sort of sunblock and now I'm really starting to feel that mistake. Fortunately wine is a perfect cure for sunburn.

Afterwards I got to nap the afternoon away and have dinner at Sodolaks'. All in all a pretty wonderful day. Now I get to sit back and watch Silent Hill with my baby while we relax for the evening :)

So, I've never really been into blogging or journalling because I never really thought that anyone else would have any interest in anything I have to say. I still kind of feel that way, but I've come to learn that several of my friends use Livejournal to keep their friends updated about their lives and to stay involved in each others lives. To that end I downloaded the livejournal app for my phone (which seems infinitely simpler than trying to navigate it on an actual computer) and have made a comitment to myself to at least TRY to submit regular posts and keep up with reading other peoples. :)

Anyway, this is just to inform any of you listening of my intentions. I'll try to post more later as my parents are in town for my birthday.

Peace out.

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